Hi there!  I'm Tiffany.  I like to bake things. 

Sure, there are lots of people out there who like to bake, but somehow I ended up taking it to the next level.  I graduated college with a master's degree in accounting.  Very early on, I realized that my passion in life was more about buttercream than boardrooms.  Baking started as a stress reliever.  I would come home from a long day of staring at spreadsheets and dollar signs and I would bake a cake or cookies to relax.  Before long, something was coming out of the oven nearly every night.  Eventually, with the support of my very patient husband, I decided to step out of the corporate world briefly to pursue pastry full-time.

A lot of things have happened since I made that decision.  I pursued a formal culinary education.  I have had the opportunity to work at some of Austin's best restaurants and learn from some amazing chefs.  I've practiced my art and developed some pretty delicious recipes, including the world's best chocolate chip cookies.  When it became legal to operate a cottage bakery in Texas, I jumped at the chance to open a small business out of my Round Rock kitchen.  Thus, Sugar Coated was born.

The philosophy of my baking is pretty simple.  If I wouldn't feed it to my daughter, Cara, I won't feed it to you.  I bake everything from scratch using real ingredients.  If it's supposed to taste like strawberries, I'll put strawberries in it.  If it's supposed to be lemony, it will be made with real lemon juice and zest.  And the butter...oh, so much butter.  The diet can start on Monday, because my food is made with real, rich, delicious butter.  Never apologize for butter. 

Hi there!  I'm Tiffany.  I like to bake things.  Let me bake you a little something.